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Sight in target of Remington 700 .375 H&H

 While visiting with some very good friends recently, a conversation came about regarding "What do you do when you are a novice hunter/shooter or perhaps a very experienced hunter, but due to your occupation, don't have the time to prepare a firearm for a particular hunt?
"Rifles - Ready to Hunt" developed from the conversation and is the latest collaboration between our company and their friendship.
As of this date, rifle/scope/ammo combinations are being put together for purchase to help you "bag" that prairie dog, elk, Cape buffalo, or whatever your hunt is for.
Delivered to your FFL Dealer for 4473 transfer, you will received your scoped rifle, 2 boxes of ammo and target of the sighted in rifle all in a deluxe hard case.
We all know that it takes times to obtain/shop for the components and finding range time is sometimes not doable.  With our package you can "just enjoy your hunt". 

Remington 700 .375 H&H

Every "Rifle ready to hunt" package will include the following items:


1.  Rifle.

2.  Scope, highest quality and caliber appropriate.

3.  Highest quality scope mounting system, (usually Leupold QRW).

4.  Highest quality airline approved hard rifle case, (usually Pelican 1750). 

5.  On rifles chambered in calibers of .375 or less, 20 rounds of premium grade ammunition that the rifles is sighted in for, will be supplied.     For rifles above .375 at least 10 rounds will be supplied.

6.  Ammo wallet.

7.  Snap cap.

8.  Premium 1 piece cleaning rods, (usually Pro-Shot), with bore brush and patch jag attachments.

9.  Bore Guide.

10. Scope lens cleaning pen.

11. Sight in target, 100 yard zero, (50 yards on calibers .375 and above).  Group showing under 1 MOA, signed and dated by the shooter, including all relative conditions data.

12. Ballistic chart.


Every "Rifle ready to hunt", will have the following services performed:


1.  Rifles completely disassembled, degreased and treated with premium grade oil.

2.  Bedding points checked and action screws torqued to specification.

3.  Trigger adjusted to 2-4lbs., depending on caliber. 

4.  Bore lapped if needed and cleaned.

5.  Scope bases secured with thread locker.

6.  Scope mounted, aligned and bore sighted.

7.  Bore seasoned with at least 20 rounds fired through it.

8.  Sighted in for point of aim/point of impact at 100 yards, (50 yards on calibers .375 and above).  Utilizing a premium factory loaded ammunition that is both caliber and game species appropriate.  Supply both signed and dated test target and relative ballistic data.

9.  Assemble all the above in the hard rifle case, wrap and ship, (insured), to customers designated FFL Dealer address. 





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