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30 years and counting!

Fred and Paul (Caz) Casbarro, 1984

Recently, we had the good fortune of meeting up with Paul Casbarro (Caz) as he is known; and his wife.


We all visited at the Harrisburg, PA Outdoor Show together for two days.


Caz worked for me when I had a gun shop in San Angelo, TX, 30 years ago.  That was right after he graduated from the Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School.


He eventually returned to New Jersey and worked as a Gunsmith for a number of years.  During that time we lost contact with each other until recently when he found us on the Internet.


Along with our wives, Caz, and I had an enjoyable time seeing what was new and interesting in the gun and hunting world as well as catching up on each other's families and what had been happening over the years.


Caz and his wife have a great concept "Rifles ready to hunt".


For years we have been mounting scopes on rifles and sighting them in for customers.  some of our customers are novice beginners or new comers to the hunting sport.  Others are people who are just so busy with their professions or job that it is difficult to find time to get to hunt and not any time to prepare their rifle for the hunt.


Old friends and co-workers losing touch due to life's circumstances.  Ne ideas and memories after 30 years of being apart!  We look forward to seeing what the future brings. 

Caz & Fred, February 2014

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