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Gunsmithing Services for Mausers
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The following is a partial list for Mauser rifle work.  This is a list of the most common work we are asked to perform.  If you do not see what you are wanting listed here, please contact us.

Drill & Tap

            Top Mounted Scope                                            
            Side Mounted Scope                                           
            Front Side Ramp Style                                        
            Rear Sight                                                           
            Front & Rear sight combo                                   
            Receiver sights                                                   

Sweat on Type

             Sling Swivel Band                                              

Forge Bolt                                                                      

Weld on Bolt Handle                                                       
             does not include price of handle

Trigger Installation

             Inlet Stock for trigger                                           
             Inlet Stock for trigger with side safety                 

Safety Installation

              Buehler style                                                      
              3 position (Winchester style)                             

Remove stripper clip hump                                          

Accurizing & Blue Printing Actions

              Face & True receiver                                         
              Re-Cut & True inner barrel seat                        
              Lap bolt lugs & receiver locking recesses

              True & lap bolt face                                            
              Re-trace threads                                                

              Blue print package                                            

Barrel Installation

              Contoured blanks                                               
                 (thread, chamber, headspace & test fire)

              Pre-threaded & short chambered barrels           
                  (finish fit, headspace & test fire)

Cut & Crown

              when done with barrel installation                      

Fluted & Octagon barrel installation

              Add to installation price                                      

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