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Helmut and Jonas are in the process of moving their sight production facility.  They should be back up and running soon.  Please contact them at the e-mail listed below on this page and they should be able to give you more information.

These Sights are made right here in the U.S.A. and can be had for much less than what you would pay for something imported. 

Helmut and his son Jonas are manufacturing and installing these Classic style peep sights.

These sights are machined from solid steel bar stock and made to perfection.  They can be blued or in the white.

This type of sight is rugged, dependable, and time proven.

How does the sight work?

The peep apeture is made of one piece with the post.  It is slid up and down for elevation adjustment.  The apeture post is held in place by 2 set screws on either side of the site as opposing forces of the screws locking them in place.

Notches can be filed in the post for the setting of your sight for different ranges.

Windage is adjusted by drifting the front sight.

What work is required?

The new dovetailed sight is attached to the cocking piece by silver solder.  This extends the length of your cocking piece.  A light silver ring can be seen on close examination.  Other than the dovetailed extention, the cocking piece is not altered at all.  The sear and safety are not affected.

The firing pin is re-inserted to be sure proper clearance in maintained.

The new sight is inserted in the base.  The bolt is re-assembled and it is ready to go.

What will these sights fit?

Mauser 98, 95, 93, 92, 91 and Siamese.


What do you need to send us?

All that is needed to have one installed is the cocking piece and firing pin.

If it is more convenient, you may send in your complete bolt.

Please do not send in your rifle!

Parts can be shipped flat rate, directly to us and back to you.

What is being shipped back and forth is metal parts for alteration.  The firearm itself stays in your posession.


$185.00 Sight and Installation, plus shipping and handling.

$150.00 Sight only, plus shipping and handling.

Contact us at:


or call        864-967-0371

Shipping address:

Helmut Vogt
404 Crossvine Way
Simpsonville, SC  29680

Payment is to be sent with your parts.  We accept personal checks, cashier's checks, or money orders. 

Turnaround time is approximately 4 weeks. 
120 Shagbark Ct.
Simpsonville, SC  29680
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