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Customers like to know about the company and people behind the products and services they buy. Here we will tell you a little about ourselves.

Our Key Personnel

Fred Cianciolo at age 10 wanted to be a "Gunsmith".  Instead of having baseball or football players as idols, he had P. O. Ackley.  At age 14, he started attending trade school for Machining & Tool making.  After service in the U.S. Army, he attended Pennsylvania Gunsmithing School.  After completing school and graduating in 1971, he worked for Colt, Mossberg, Pederson, Williams and many other gun related companies.  He owned and operated several gunsmith shops, sporting goods stores and also worked as a hunting guide.
From handling raw materials at the factory to serving customers; from using the tools of the trade in the military to use in the hunting field, one would be hard pressed to find a person with more knowledge or experience. 

Jane Cianciolo has known Fred for  40 years.  They have been married for 25 years and have several children, but one between them, Eric age 24.  Guns have been a part of her life.  Her father shot match pistols for the U.S. all over the world while he was in the Air Force. 
Living in West Texas one naturally gravitates to shooting sports.  From 22 rifle shooting in the 4-H, to skeet and target shooting in Explorer Scouts, to hunting deer, dove, quail, squirrels, and the occasional duck, Jane even likes to shoot paper targets while test firing customers rifles. 
She is the first contact for our company.  She will take all the pertinent information and work out details.  This is just one of her "real jobs".  She also works at a local Nursing Home as a LPN, Weekends, 1st Shift and is currently back in school obtaining her RN.  While some don't like to talk to the answering machine, it is just a tool, We will call you back.  "I have found that while talking to the customers, I really enjoy getting to know them, their hunting or shooting likes & dislikes, as well as knowing about their families."

Our Business

In 2001, we decided to put together a Gunsmithing Operation using each of our unique talents.
The successful results can be measured through our customers by word of mouth advertizing and repeat business.
Much of our machinery is at least 50 years old and much of it came out of the old Winchester factory.  All of our machinery is manually operated.
If special tooling or fixtures are needed, they are generally made right here by us.  Most of the hand tools and the techniques we use have changed little in over 150 years, hence the name "LowTech".
When a firearm is being worked on, it is handled as a "unique" individual job, because it is.  Each function performed by a person is done with high skill.  As individual as the owner of the firearm, the job is done as requested by the owner insuring he will get what he wants.  That is why we enjoy custom work.

Fred & Jane, November 1993

120 Shagbark Ct.
Simpsonville, SC  29680
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